The Digital Business Platform

PAIDSO BUSINESS is a subsidiary of PAIDSO NETWORK, which was registered and started in 2017. The International Head quarters is 2912 Elm Drive, New York, USA. And from here we reach out to other part of the world. As essentially operative in online, we can reach anywhere in the world with our digital products and services.

The Driving Force Behind the Platform

Our Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement – Our mission is to provide small and medium scale businesses (both intending and existing) with professional information products and services with digital resources for developing and supporting their businesses in order to enhance their professionalism, excellence and effectiveness in operations and marketing so as for them to achieve optimal profitability.

Vision Statement – To become a leading key role player in providing information products and services and digital resources across the world.

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Resilience
  • Actualization
  • Integrity
  • Satisfaction
  • Excellence

Our Objectives & Strategies

  • Providing professional and qualitative products and services to our clients and customers.
  • Ensuring that the prices and costs of all our products and services are highly competitive.
  • Completing jobs, requests, tasks as fast and quickly as possible.
  • Reaching out to as many business owners as possible.
  • Assisting customers/clients with outstanding customer/client support services.
  • Providing a secure, safe and interactive business platform for users, partners, prospects, customers and clients.
  • Training freelancers and job seekers to get job done faster

Our Business Operations

The business opportunity – Paidso Business provides opportunities for small and medium scale business owners for info-digital facilities, business development and support, advertising, web and app development, software development, intranet services and general merchandise.
Taking advantage of the opportunity – We are transforming businesses with up-to-date resources to meet up with the demands of digital technology. Take your business from the locality of your to the homes of your prospects, customers and clients.
The target market – Business owners, freelance service providers, non-profit organizations, small and medium businesses.

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